Clifford Norton, Inmate.
Colin Nichol, Soldier.
Keith Dalglish, Draughtsman.
Janet Day (Burgess), Stewardess.
Julie Gray (Wilson), Secretary.
Gillian Smith, Personnel Manager.
Alison Dodd, Mother.
Christopher Pease, Policeman.
Deborah Cooper, Mother.
Anne Gillanders, Pharmacist.
Andrea High, Accounts Manager.
Keith Slater, Chef.
Stephen Hawyes, Assembly worker.
Julie McCrudden, Sales Rep.
Tracey Lindsey, Mother.
Stephen Taylor, Student Mathematician.
Michelle Dobson (Ward), Mother.
Lee Carrick, Estimator.
Paul Chambers, Joiner.
Denise Carling (Istead), Mother.
Jane Gray (Boal), Mother.
Susan Hedjazi (Munroe), Mother.
Chris Harrison, Photographer.
Valley View Junior School, class 4A. 1978

Whatever Happened to Audra Patterson

I left Valley View Junior School, Jarrow, in 1978.

14 years later I went back to my hometown to find out what had happened to the rest of the class, most of whom I hadn’t seen since.

The more people I found and photographed the more I realised I was looking for me.

"Chris Harrison’s work counters that tradition (romanticism), without denying it. The subject of the work is still class, but class mediated through the experience of Thatcherism; images of a class with altered priorities. There is certainly an implicit political critique in Harrison’s work, and one which operates to disperse the accumulated romantic baggage which surrounds North-Eastern photography, and produces a less homogeneous and more honest portrait of Northern life."

Mark Little, Creative Camera 318