Breamish Street.
Frank, retired nurse and commercial photographer.
Site of the new Tyne Tunnel.
The River Don.
The Pedestrian Tunnel.
The Jarrow School "Engineering Excellence"
The Jarrow Library.
Monkton Methodist Church.
Me nephew Gavin.
The High Street.
The back of Regent's Road.
The Robin Hood Pub.
Me best friends Dad trenching his leeks.
The back of Morrisons.
Garages down by the tunnel.
Sid's greenhouse.
Sid Ashton.
Jarrow Metro Station.
Lloyd "Bugsa" Bryson.
York Avenue.
Sheltered Accommodation.
Dean and Gavin, brothers.
Perth "Goose" Green
Hedworth Shops I.
Gladys Stonehouse.
The back lane of my best friend's house.
Me Dad in his favourite chair.
Monkton Village.
Me Mam.

I Belong Jarrow

I moved away from Jarrow 30 years ago, but you can never really leave.

"Chris Harrison’s work is concerned with memory and remembrance and as such, is suffused with melancholy. I Belong Jarrow is a continuation, perhaps a culmination, of two decades of photographic work, which has explored ideas of home, histories and class. Throughout Harrison’s work, there is a pervasive homage to the past, to memories glimpsed and transmitted through the process of photography. I Belong Jarrow, could also read Do I Belong Jarrow? as Harrison questions the complicated issue of belonging to a place that has been left". 

Val Williams, Professor of the History and Culture of Photography, LCC