I Belong Jarrow


Kid with a tab: ‘Andy, you got a match?’


Andy: ‘Not since Eroll Flynn died.



Made up of 73 colour plates and 16 texts with an essay by Val Williams, I Belong Jarrow is a compilation of urban landscapes, portraits of friends and family and Harrison’s own writing, which explores his industrial hometown in the northeast of England.



"I Belong Jarrow contains two very different sets of photographs. The bleak melancholy of modern Jarrow, its bland modernity offset against crumbling corners and the occasional depiction of it’s ‘village’ past are in stark contrast to the intimate portraits of friends, family and neighbours which are, in many ways, the coda to the entire series. Jarrow may be mundane in its topography, deprived in its architectural fabric, but beyond this façade is a human richness in which Harrison has a significant emotional investment.


Harrison sets up a contrast between Jarrow inside and Jarrow outside, in this rich combination of urban landscape, portraits and domestic interiors, and binds the three together by his written commentary, which is a rich and understated literary source, taking the series beyond the photographic document".





Hardcover, 112 pages
27.8 x 2 x 22.2 cm
Publisher: Schilt Publishing;
1 edition (22 Oct. 2012)
ISBN: 978-9053307809